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Introducing My First Garden

Oh, the beauty of starting the tradition of my yearly garden. It is nowhere near my ideal garden but I had minimal room to work with because of the dog. I started out very small this year and made my selections based upon what I know I can use. 

Two Beefmaster tomatoes for canning and lots of homemade pasta sauce. Have I shared that recipe with you yet? Yum – I will have to.

Left to right: Watermelon, cucumber, sweet100 tomatoes, and green pepper.  
I decided to space out the cucumber and sweet100 tomatoes.  
I can hardly wait for what Dan says when he has to cut the hedges around my pumpkin, zucchini, and second set of watermelon plants. 

 Yay! Zucchini…you know what that means…

my absolutely favorite and completely yummy adaptation of summer succotash. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard.

What’s your favorite summertime dish?


2 thoughts on “Introducing My First Garden

  1. cool, I wanna do this someday too, start my own garden. 🙂 I made my blog private by the way but would still like you to read it, but I do not have your email to send you an invite.

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