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Babies Are So Sweet

Today, I have no food for you. I’m sorry. I do have pictures from a baby shower for two teachers that are expecting their little bundles of joy. With one knowing she’s having a girl and the other unknown, I searched far and wide on the Web to find some kind of theme that would be appropriate to celebrate the little bundles of joy and honor their moms. 

And then I found directions for how to make washcloth lollipops…

and then I realized that the washcloths swirled together looked an awful lot like taffy or hard candy. 

Then, I found the cutest tie-in to my sweet theme that were by far the attention getter…

Yes, those are washcloths folded and wrapped with scrapbook paper. 

For the favors, a baby jar filled with olive oil and sugar scrub because mama needs to relax. Oh, how true that is. 

So, there you have it. A break from the food to bring you one very sweet shower to honor two mommies and their long-awaited arrivals. 


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