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Happy Birthday, DJ

Every day at work, the lead teacher tells the babies that they are loved and they should be happy. Every day, I look out the window and fight back tears. The babies are loved while their parents are working, the same way that my little man is cared for by someone else while I’m working. If I said it didn’t break my heart a little, it would be a lie. 

I pretend for a moment that I’m talking to DJ, telling him that Mommy, Daddy, Dukey, Pappy, Grandma, Ah, Nana, Gramps, Great Grandma, Poppa up in heaven, and everyone else that he comes in contact with absolutely adores him. 

Small tangent:

 I can’t get over how tiny Duke used to be!

At 8:20 this evening, I will commemorate my life changing forever for the 4th year in a row. It’s DJ’s birthday today! 

My dearest DJ, 
You have changed my life in more ways than you know. You’ve given me more joy than you can ever imagine. I fell in love with you from the moment that I saw you. You have my heart you dear sweet boy. 

You are such an amazing gift. As much as I try to find the words that adequately express my love for you, there are none. You have changed my life forever and I love you with all of my heart. 

I love watching you learn and grow. You are such a joyful little man and I am so very proud to be your mommy. Happy Birthday, DJ! 


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