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Hi! I’m Lisa. I’m passionate about food and cooking…very passionate. I wasn’t always psyched. Actually, when I got married back in 2008, I knew jack squat about the kitchen. I started watching Food Network, reading cookbooks, searching websites and food blogs, and learned through plenty of trial and error. I take the task of feeding my family healthy and delicious meals very seriously.

Walnut Tarts - Frosting for the Cause

I started this blog as a hobby in December of 2010 after the loss of my wonderful Grandfather (Poppa). What a handsome man he was. Being in the kitchen played a large part in helping me to cope with the loss. I picked the name to reflect the journey that I am on as a cook and baker. I hope to provide others with simple and tasty recipes that give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence in the kitchen.
Just a few books in my massive cookbook collection.
I learned my way around through plenty of trial and error. I did it all for my family, to provide nourishment and delicious treats for them. Now, I enjoy being in the kitchen and love learning new recipes and techniques. I look forward to sharing my kitchen and recipes with you.

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